What have we learned through the COVID-19 crisis?

I’m sure (or rather, I’d hope) that many leaders and policy-makers in education have learned endless amounts during this crisis – hopefully, this learning will lead to meaningful changes in the sector. However, I – as a mere classroom teacher in a tiny school in the countryside – have also learned a lot, and it’s […]

New Teachers – Why and How We Need to Look After Them

What have we learned through the COVID 19 Crisis? Most people who work in education are motivated by the sense they are doing something important, that matters, that makes a difference. This is because we all know that ultimately education in all its forms has the power to transform lives, open gateways, change individuals, the […]

Trust us to lead ourselves

To say it has been a busy few weeks in education is putting it mildly. As well as headteachers having to navigate a route through the labyrinth of daily DfE guidance notes, schools have had to deal with the U-turn on free school meals, the 2 metre rule that was actually never there in the […]

At the heart of education lies collaboration…

There was a time when all thirty children in a class were able to attend school at once. Together. There was a time when we were naive to what standing two metres apart truly meant and face masks were only worn by some to filter out pollution or to keep their faces warm. There was […]

Listening to hear

Once upon a time I was an RE teacher. I loved it. I miss it, although I probably love what I get to do now more. I did my training at Durham University School of Education with the quite wonderful David Day. He taught us that the most difficult part of teaching RE was to […]

Unstoppable Forces

If, say, one hundred headteachers in a town or city wanted to stand up for something reasonable, I don’t think anything could stop them.  The power of collective action is clear. I don’t need to belabour that. Yet this level of unity is rare – believe me, I never really managed to generate it when I […]

90 days and counting – What have we learnt?

When the news broke on Wednesday 18th March that schools were closing indefinitely to contain the spread of a virus that was becoming all the more real, many of us didn’t know how to feel. Shock, bewilderment, confusion and a host of other emotions swirled around with no-one knowing what this might mean for the […]

What have we learned through the Covid-19 crisis?

We have learned a number of interesting things through this Crisis. We have learned that we can lose significant numbers of our friends and colleagues and that fundamental injustice will still dominate the news and mood of the country, we have learned that schools are largely inflexible buildings, we have learned that teachers are simultaneously […]

Something better change!

“Something’s happening and it’s happening right now, ain’t got time to wait” The Stranglers 1977 As I write I am listening to 3 minutes thirty seven seconds of pure punk anger from 1977.  Like the punk movement from which it was born, it was a rallying cry for the times.  Raging against the system and […]

Being truly seen

Thoughts and Musings on Diversity Wow. A BIG topic. Often mentioned, usually at interviews where the interview panel will want you to know that you “know” about diversity. I would put diversity in the same bag as equality and equal opportunities. When I was a teacher, these words scared me. Not because I didn’t know what […]


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